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Varmam Training

Since this is a very dangerous type of application the guru used to teach this only to those disciples who are noble and trust worthy. According to scientific books this knowledge which was created by Lord Siva reached mankind through saint Agastya with Lord Subramanian's favor. Divine persons like Agastya, Bhogar and Therayar have described in the books of Varmashastra that the science of vulnerable spot should be taught only to those disciples who carry out the instructions of guru patiently for 12 years and after taking the apt gift from him.

Tripura Sundari Therapy

Transitions are always challenging, and after birth adolescence is the first big one. With depressive kapha and fiery pitta energies in conflict, our moods lurch from range to despair. Since blood is a pitta element the start of a period banishes premenstrual syndrome by reducing excessive pitta energy – but then hormonal changes make the skin erupt with acne and the hair turn lank. In Siddha terms, the last burst of kapha energy turns skin into an oil well, ready to be ignited by pitta’s fire. The body’s toxic load of ama builds up too, and can find way out except into the skin.


Varma Kalai is a type of warfare which is used for self defense in South Kerala. It is completely a physical art which scientifically incorporates tricks for self defense , application using weapons, application in the vulnerable spots, exercise to bring the whole body under our control. Not only have this most of the other martial arts originated from Varma Kalai and Kalaripayattu.

In Kalaripayattu, there are several systems which include mainly the Southern and the Northern. All the system have different merits. So it is necessary to evolve a new system which contains the useful things of all the ancient systems. Our aim is to foster Varma Kalai and Kalaripayattu by bringing together the useful things of all these systems with the help of knowledgeable and honest Varma Kalai Gurus in Deva Vidya.

In Varma Vidya, there is both physical exercise and meditation to bring the body under our total control. 

There is complete training to counter the attacks by using weapons as well as bare hands.

Through Varma Vidya will be able to build a healthy body and firm state of mind. 

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